System Features

Electronic Log Book

Get rid of handwritten documentation and book logs. Welcome to the era of electronic book logs, keeping records of all GPS locations, number of vehicles, and listing of vehicles. You don’t have to enter or write, because the VoltSwitch GPS book log collects data for estimation, history records, and better functioning as well as future prediction to send alerts. It is provided for your convenience. You can print, analyze, and get precise online maps.

  • Reliable automatic book log.
  • Secure and Comprehensive data.
  • Official acknowledgment of tax reports generation.

Map and vehicle list interaction

GPS tracking platform will always show a list of vehicles and their trips and an overview of the map for better understanding. The map interacts with the selection of data, made on your recommended list. It works effectively because the map and data are in sync for better understanding.

  • Interactive map.
  • Vehicle and trip listing.

Interactive Map directly on Main Screen

Want to know about all the vehicles at this very moment? VoltSwitch tracking platform provides you with the page to know that by just clicking one time. That one glance at the map will reveal everything that you need to know.

Detail Operational Reports

As a Voltswitch GPS user, you are able to generate detailed reports on activity, mileage, addresses, and events pertaining to your asset or the vehicle where the tracker is installed. These reports are time-stamped as well as exportable. This Data is securely stored by Voltswitch you can access it at any time.

Seamless Recovery and Repossession System with 1 Link

Set up recovery and securely share live vehicle tracking data with a recovery agent, without them having access to your entire account. Recovery Agents can share vehicle status, condition, pictures, and documents pertaining to the asset all while accessing the Repo Link.

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Analysis and efficiency improvements

A variable, reliable and intelligent tracking platform allows you to analyze the insight data and reports as recorded by VoltSwitch GPS. You can always save costs, contact us, and know “how to?”

  • Fuel consumption management, trip optimization.
  • Detailed reports for drivers and their driving styles.
  • Cost analysis based on hard data.

Driving Style Monitoring

VoltSwitch is not only monitoring and tracking your vehicles, but it also analyzes the driving style of each one of your employees. You can save running and maintenance costs by monitoring the driving styles and preventing bad driving.

  • Braking, acceleration, and change of direction tracking.
  • Transparent reports about the accuracy and efficiency of driving styles/ map records.

Drivers identification

Who is behind the wheel? You don’t have to wonder about it, because GPS trackers will provide driver identification. It is done with RFID and Dallas chip and trackers will automatically pave the way for identification.

  • ID chips for driver Identification.
  • Easy & safe business/ private trip separation.

User defined areas and Points of interest

Select an area on the map, if the vehicles tend to trespass the set boundary, you will get an immediate alert. You can set points of interest on the map such as Warehouse, and HQ, and make the trip management a much easier experience for drivers and yourself.

  • Automatic alerts on unauthorized trespassing of set boundary.
  • User-defined POIs.

API and Reporting

Electronic log books, online documentation, and reports in printed and various data formats. It uses API for external ERP integration, fleet management /monitoring, and human resource management with the help of VoltSwitch’s tracking system.

  • Advanced user-generated reports.
  • API with third-party applications.

Intelligent Alerts

Don’t miss out on anything related to your vehicles and their trips. You can schedule the service checks, fuel changes etc. according to mileage. You can also set a specific date for getting alerts. It also helps in tracking the trespass of borders.

  • Alerts are set on a vehicle mileage, calendar, and map position.
  • Direct Notification by email and phone.


Our Inteligent technology supports monitoring your whole fleet from any device.

Install GPS

Get and set up our VoltSwitch GPS technology, which is state-of-the-art.


Obtain real-time data and reports for a single vehicle or the entire fleet.

VoltSwitch makes it easy, to monitor Fleet Management

High Tech-Easy To Use, Precise!

VoltSwitch electronic log book of records, tracking, and monitoring is no ordinary book to count mileage. VoltSwitch feels proud to bring your attention to the fact that the VoltSwitch GPS tracking platform is the most accurate tracking system. It brings a sense of certainty, trust, and efficiency to fleet management. Because we don’t settle for anything less than perfection.