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Volt SX112

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Tag: 4G Wireless GPS Devices

Volt SX112
(Advance 4G Wireless Tracking Device)

The main differentiator between SX 112 and other wireless GPS Trackers is that, besides reporting a location as per your selected schedule, the SX 112 also enables users to remotely get the real-time location from the tracker with just a press of a button on the tracking app. Also, the SX 112 works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cell Tower GPS to provide accurate tracking information.

  • High Capacity long-lasting Battery (8000 mAH).
  • On Demand Real-time Location Ping Capability through the tracking application (Browser and Apps).
  • This device automatically checks in once every 24 Hours at low power mode.
  • The Automatic Check-In Interval can also be adjusted from our tracking software to every 3hr, 6hr, 24hr (default)
  • Comes with a Magnetic Back (Pre-installed) – Snaps on Strongly on Metal for covert installation.


Volt SX 112 ‘On Demand’ Wireless Tracker

Volt SX 112 is a custom 4G Wireless tracking device manufactured by Voltswitch Technologies in USA which is compact, ultra-rugged and enables On Demand Location tracking of the asset where these are installed. The SX 112 comes with an 8000 MAH Hi Power battery as well as a Magnetic Back which are inside the case. This Wireless tracker is First of its kind that not only sends Location Pings on a schedule at low power mode but also gives the user the ability to wake up the device remotely and get a Real time location whenever they want.

The SX 112 is a Perfect Sleeper unit for Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Equipment. The on Schedule location pings are generated by the device at a Low Power Mode resulting in a long lasting battery life. The interval between the scheduled Pings can also be adjusted for the SX 112 from the Voltswitch Tracking Platform in the configuration of 24 hrs, 6 Hrs, 3 Hrs and 1 hr.

The Volt SX 112 On Demand Tracker Also provides alerts on Low Power, Vibration Alerts and has a built in Motion sensor to detect device status to save power.

Once awake, the tracker records movement status, Mileage as well as Geo Fence Breaches.

Volt SX 112 can be used as standalone tracking unit for non-powered vehicles as well as a efficient backup tracking device. It offers high precision tracking via GPS/GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass, Galileo and QZSS, Cell tower, Wifi and Bluetooth.

Technical Specs:

  • Voltage: 3.0 V
  • Working Current: LTE CATM1 (<200mA)
  • Standby Current: 6uA
  • GPS Accuracy: 5-15m
  • GPS Band: 1575 MHz
  • LTE CAT M1 Bands: 2, 4, 12
  • Battery Capacity: 8000 mAh
  • Magnet: Quantity of 4: 20mmx3mm N52
  • Dimensions (mm): 95(L) X 58(W) X 26(H)
  • Net Weight: 150g
  • Location: Assisted GPS; WiFi / BLE 5.0; cell tower triangulation


  • Supports on-demand location as well as periodic pre-defined reporting periods; accelerometer triggered events; over-the-air software upgradable
  • Compact Design for Rapid and covert installation – no wiring, no external antennas
  • Wake Up On Demand, Get Location from the Wireless tracker Whenever you want from the Tracking App on your Phone or the Web Platform.
  • Push the Thumb-sized power button on the device and get an instant location ping.
  • Precise Location tracking via Cell Tower, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Gives an Automatic Location once every 24 Hours on Default Settings at Low Power Mode.

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